Monday, July 9, 2007


I never really thought about how useful blogs could be to the education world. I am interested in learning more about the educational opportunities of blogs and news feeds. I am familiar with which is very user friendly. I have been reading a blog about a project called "No Impact Man" which is basically one man's journey to try and be more environmentally friendly. At the end of each entry it says "Subscribe to this feed" and I have it feed into my livejournal that I have for personal use. While exploring this blog, I found an interesting site that describes syndication and feedburner. This "FAQ" site may be helpful for people that are new to blogs or feeds in general: Feed 101
Here is another link (Commercial Publications) that briefly mentions the XML and RSS we talked about in class. It also gives a sampling of important newspapers and companies that put out their own blogs/feeds.


Nicole said...

I really like the websites you mentioned in your first post. Being new to blogs, any extra resources are certainly welcomed. Since you were starting your blog long before any of us seemed ready to, it looks like you've got a great head start!


Alanna said...

I really find so much more user friendly. I guess having that little bit of background made it a little easier (but still confusing for me!). Once again, let me know if you need any help with the New Paltz campus or anything. I hope you have a good experience here!