Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Podcast Creation Guide/Upload Services

Another useful resource I found while researching podcasting, was the podcast creation guide. It is a PDF file made by Apple Inc. I recommend educators download this and take a look at it. It tells you step by step how to create a podcast. It also includes images of the equipment involved. I have uploaded it to sendspace.com for you.

Sendspace.com is a website where you can upload files for a certain period of time for free. These are useful for sharing files with other users, or if you are formatting your computer and you need a site to temporarily hold your files. They will stay uploaded for about a week, depending on the site. If you are interested in downloading the podcast PDF file, simply click on the link I have provided below. When you click on that link, there is a flashing red arrow pointing at the button you need to click for the download. Most free upload services typically look like this.

Podcast Creation Guide:

Free upload services you may want to check out:


Gwinyeo Kwak said...


I just checked free upload services for podcasting. They are awesome!! Thanks for your useful information. Your presentation was really good.

littleleo21 said...

Hey thanks for the link, good stuff

Rachel said...

I really liked the idea of pod-casting and creating a tour of the town. I will discuss these possibilities with colleagues and tech support at my school. This is a really innovative idea that is both educational and technological. I think the students, parents, and administration would love to see something like this come to fruition. Thanks for the idea and the information!

Nancy said...

Your links are always so helpful. I just downloaded the podcasting link. This was the first time I ever heard of sendspace. I will take some time to read the guide after this class is finished.

Janet said...

Thanks for sharing the links, Alanna. I plan to look at them more carefully next week:), especially sendspace.com. I can see that would be very helpful for students, teachers and parents.

Sally said...

Well written article.