Monday, July 16, 2007

Podcasts in Education

While doing research for my PowerPoint presentation on educational podcasts, I found many useful resources for educators. These links include general podcast information, podcast search engines, and educational podcast web sites. I never really thought about all of the possibilities of podcasts in the classroom. My favorite idea for using podcasts in class, was to have the students create a walking tour of their town for visitors to download. The students can have fun learning the history of their town while incorporating technology in the classroom.

General Podcast Information:

Podcast Search Engines:

Education Podcasts:


Nancy said...

The idea of your students doing a walking tour of their town is a great tidea.The students could follow up with interviews of older town residents to get more information on the town's history. I look forward to seeing your presentation today.

Janet said...

Thanks for sharing so many great links, Alanna!