Thursday, July 12, 2007

Useful WebQuest Links

This WebQuest assignment was a little difficult to get started. While I was looking around on the web, I found some useful sites that others might be interested in. There were some good WebQuests that you can use in your classroom, and suggestions on how to make them.
This site was good for learning how to make them and it also had a good search engine.

Science WebQuests
Math WebQuests
History WebQuests
English WebQuests


Nancy said...

Thanks for the links. It is such a help when you need some information to have such information at your fingertips. My students study The Odyssey and that WebQuest in the English section would be very useful.

Anne said...

Thanks for the comments about making a Power Point of pictures. I am excited about trying this! I wish I knew how much I could have saved before I hired the photographer. lol